#39: What if slave trade happened in reverse?

Our 39th prompt comes from Sir Pie. He says:

Slave trade was in reverse, Africans trading Caucasians and Arabs, describe the world today.


Sir Pie,

You are in luck. When we were learning about slave trade during history class in high school, I spent a lot of my time imagining alternative scenarios because our history teacher was boring as hell, and one of those was “What if Africans instigated the slave trade instead?” Here’s how I think the world would look today if that happened. Continue reading “#39: What if slave trade happened in reverse?”

#38: 50 Must Read Nonfiction Books

Our 38th prompt comes from Caudex. They ask:

What are some magnificent nonfiction, non-management, non-self-help books you’d recommend?



It’s as if you know how much I love reading and recommending books to people. This is a pretty solid reading list that should last you a year or two depending on your reading pace. The books are listed in no particular order, and span a wide range of topics, from big data, behavioural science, physics, decolonization, humour, feminism, economics, autobiographies, philosophy and identity. Continue reading “#38: 50 Must Read Nonfiction Books”

#35: Can feminists be friends with misogynists?

Our 35th prompt comes from NA. They ask:

Do you think it’s possible to identify as feminist and still be friends with someone who’s a misogynist?



Good question. I think this is something you ask yourself earlier on in your journey as a feminist, when it occurs to you that people who are dear to you – your family and friends – don’t share your system of belief (see #3: Musings on Kenyan Feminism(s) #19: Can men be feminists? and #23: Musings on Political Lesbianism for more on feminism). Continue reading “#35: Can feminists be friends with misogynists?”

#34: Is it possible to be too woke?

Our 34th prompt comes from Pumpkin. They ask:

Is it possible to be too woke? Are we becoming too sensitive? Say comedians, should they have to apologize for fat people jokes?



Hello! I’m assuming that this question was prompted by this post: #18: Is being woke a blessing or a burden? In which case, it is a great follow-up question. It has been asked by comedians, politicians (usually conservative/right leaning ones) and many other people who abhor political correctness. Continue reading “#34: Is it possible to be too woke?”

#33: Can Affirmative Action and Meritocracy exist side by side?

Our 33rd prompt comes from AK. They ask:

Can affirmative action and meritocracy exist on the same page? Or does it have to be one or the other?



Great question. It tends to be brought up whenever people encounter programs to increase the representation of marginalized peoples in places of power. For example, when girls have a lower entry requirements for university as compared to boys to increase the number of girls that go to university. Or when girls receive free sanitary towels so that they don’t have to miss school when they are on their period. Continue reading “#33: Can Affirmative Action and Meritocracy exist side by side?”

#32: Why are people so ignorant?

Our 32nd prompt comes from Mo. They ask:

Why are people so steeped in ignorance even in the face of fact and information?



Great question. Before the spirit of teaching people left me in 2016, I constantly asked myself this question. Someone would say something that was flat out wrong/stupid and I’d have this perplexed look on my face, after which I’d ask to see their phone. 9 out of 10 times they had a smartphone, so I’d ask them what they had against search engines. As you can imagine this rarely ended well, because people do not like discovering or accepting that they are wrong. Continue reading “#32: Why are people so ignorant?”

#31: Is monogamy unnatural?

Our 31st prompt comes from Passiona. She says:

Committing to one partner for life is unnatural



What a lovely discussion to have.  I find myself having it more now that I’m considered to be of marrying age, to which I respond (depending on how tiresome the person trying to pull me into a debate is) that not everyone is interested in the same things, and that is fine. Perhaps one day we will discuss why people are so personally affronted when you don’t want a relationship/marriage/children like they do. Continue reading “#31: Is monogamy unnatural?”